2019 Categories

Entry for the Historic Motoring Awards is completely free. Entries are open until Friday 21st June 2019. You can enter as many times as you want into different categories. If you have any questions regarding your entry, please see our FAQ's or contact us here. 

There are 18 categories available to enter, with the 19th being the lifetime achievement award. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises an individual who has performed an outstanding service and accomplishment spanning a career in motoring. This award will be chosen by the Octane team and presented on the evening. Previous winners from the Historic Motoring Awards can be found here. 

2019 Car of the Year

Every year historic cars come into the public eye for all sorts of reasons. They might feature in a hugely successful film, or have played a role in a major public event. They might have been used to raise significant sums for charity, or achieved some other form of national or international recognition. They might have emerged from decades in hiding, bringing their fascinating and unique histories with them. Amongst those cars will be the 2019 Historic Motoring Awards Car of the Year, and we want your suggestions as to what should appear on the list.

Nominations for this category close at the same time as all others. Once nominations close a shortlist will be published on this page, and you will then be able to vote for your favourite. This category is decided purely by the public vote, so nominate now and don’t forget to return to see the finalists and cast your vote!

Bespoke Car of the Year

The golden age of coachbuilding may be far behind us, but a number of manufacturers and specialists remain committed to the idea of the bespoke car. When off-the-peg just won’t do, these companies are commissioned to create cars unique in appearance and specification – cars that stand out even in the most distinguished automotive company. The winner of this category will be the car built between 1st August 2018 and 31st July 2019 that best honours the tradition of bespoke and continuation coachbuilding.

Concours Event of the Year

While many associate the word Concours solely with the elite of the classic car world and conjure images of Pebble Beach or Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court, it is actually far more democratic than that. From club concours to those that wilfully celebrate the ordinary or dilapidated, this is a huge playing field populated by thousands of players. Our judges will not just be looking to automatically reward the glitziest concours, though naturally they are highly regarded, but will be awarding points on which best achieves its stated aim and engages its target audience, with bonus points for innovation. The concours must have taken place between 1st August 2018 to the 31st July 2019.

Heritage Collection of the Year

Manufacturers are increasingly taking the lead in ensuring the future of our shared motoring heritage, acquiring, restoring and safeguarding the cars of yesteryear for the enthusiasts of tomorrow. This category recognises their efforts, and their generosity, in sharing their collections with the public. The winner will be the collection that has most significantly advanced the cause of historic motoring between 1st August 2018 to the 31st July 2019.

Motoring Event of the Year

There are countless historic motoring events worldwide each year. These encompass everything from local club meets to huge indoor (and outdoor) shows, plus a huge range of other events in between. Some are single marque, others are open to multiple marques. The judges will be looking for a truly magnificent non-motorsport, historic motoring event that has showcased cars and the movement at their very best. The event must have taken place between 1st August 2018 to the 31st July 2019.

Museum of the Year

All round the world you will find car museums, - sometimes in the most unlikely places. Some feature a wide range of marques and models, others are marque specific or niche in some other way, but all celebrate a rich automotive history. The judges are looking for the museum that has really stood out in the 12 months. The winner could be a new or revitalised museum, or one that has done a great deal to preserve a certain car or cars, or to educate enthusiasts or newcomers to the movement or to help ensure the survival of skills which are invaluable for those in the historic car industry. If you represent a museum, tell us why you think it deserves this award.

Personal Achievement

An industry is only as good as the people within it, and the international historic motoring industry contains some great people. This award is designed to acknowledge the individual whose personal achievement has made the greatest benefit to the international historic motoring movement within the past 12 months. The winner of this award could be anyone working in the industry for example a restorer, club official, motorsport competitor, engineer, event organiser, writer or museum curator. But their achievement must be truly significant. Nominations for this award are invited from historic motoring enthusiasts - you do not need to be involved in the industry to nominate in this category.

Race Series of the Year

It takes knowledge and creativity to build and organise a historic race series or championship that thrills competitors and spectators alike, and it requires the talent of drivers and the commitment of owners to deliver a memorable season. The 2018 Race Series of the Year will be the national or international historic race series or championship which has delivered close-fought, exciting racing consistently throughout the 2018/2019 season. It could be for single-seaters, sports cars or saloons, and one-marque or multi-marque.

The Enzo Award

Enzo is a quarterly magazine, dedicated exclusively to Ferrari…the road cars, the race cars, and the designers, engineers and drivers who have created the Ferrari legend.

Another award in it's second year, the Enzo Award celebrates an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to the world of Ferrari. We are looking for someone that not only champions the brand, but lives and breathes it and has made waves in making it what it is today. This could be someone new to Ferrari, or someone that has been working with the brand for years, but we want to hear from you as the readers as to who this should be. 

Breakthrough Event of the Year

There are many events in the classic car calendar that have been taking place for many years, but there are some fantastic new events that have sprung up in the last few years, that have changed the face of the industry for the better. We want to reward the time, effort and bravery it takes to be that new event and it’s these that we want to recognise with this award. If you have held or attended an event that is still new, and relatively small, but has really impressed you and those that attended then we want to hear from you.

Club of the Year

The importance of historic car clubs and motoring associations cannot be overstated. Groups of enthusiasts banding together have ensured the survival of certain marques or models, raised the profile of and participation in historic motorsport, lobbied governments to keep legislation ‘classic friendly’ and, through events and other activities done so much to spread the word and to share the enjoyment of historic cars to the general public at large.

The 2019 Historic Motoring Award Club of the Year will be the one which the judges feel has done the most in the 12 months from 1st August 2018 to the 31st July 2019 to further the cause for its membership or for the international historic motoring movement in general. For example, it might have held a series of exceptionally good events, grown its membership dramatically, or used its members and their cars to raise a significant amount for charity.

Industry Supporter of the Year

The ‘outside world’ - in the form of companies, organisations, institutions or individuals whose core business lies away from the international historic car industry – makes a major contribution to the industry. That contribution comes in many forms, including discounted products or services for owners of historic cars, the sharing of facilities or skills, or sponsorship or patronage of events. The judges are looking for a truly significant contribution made to the international historic car movement in the last 12 months.

Motorsport Event of the Year

Historic motorsport events have flourished in recent years. There’s something for everyone, whatever era or type of car or area of motorsport you are interested in. Some motorsport events have evolved into headline making spectacles that draw fans from across the world. The Motorsport Event of the Year is for all competitive historic motorsport events anywhere in the world, from race meetings to trials and hillclimbs and stage rallies. The judges will be looking for a memorable event, not just a spectacular individual race within a meeting or stage within a rally. It must have taken place between 1st August 2018 to the 31st July 2019.

Performance Car of the Year

Every year carmakers come up with clever ways to offer driving enthusiasts more for less, capitalising on new technologies to improve performance and handling. This category acknowledges their ingenuity, and the winner will be the car that delivers the most smiles per mile that were launched between 1st August 2018 to the 31st July 2019.

Publication of the Year

Historic car enthusiasts are never short of something to read with new books appearing every month. For this award, the judges are looking for a truly outstanding book, published between 1st August 2018 to the 31st July 2019. It could be an extremely well-researched biography, a fascinating look at a particular era, marque, company or aspect of automotive history. It could be published in large numbers or be a limited edition. But it must stand out above all others.

Restoration of the Year

Without the ability and creativity of restorers and the dedication of owners a great many cars would be lost forever. A truly great restoration requires a combination of in-depth research, historical knowledge, sensitivity, and a huge range of technical skills - and often more than a little ingenuity. For this award the judges are looking for the highest conceivable level of workmanship, applied to a vehicle of historical significance or importance. Provenance and originality are vital - this is restoration not recreation - a meticulous, comprehensively documented restoration of a vehicle that has been returned to what it was in its glory days. The restoration may have taken many years, but it must have been completed between 1st August 2018 to the 31st July 2019.

Specialist of the Year

The whole international historic motoring movement is kept alive by the enthusiasm and passion of the car owners and the skill and hard work of thousands of specialists across the globe. These specialists could be restorers, engine or race-car preparation experts or involved in any of the myriad elements within that, such as coachwork, trim, suspension etc. They might be insurers, or oil or tyre suppliers. They could handle historic car transportation or storage. In short, if your company specialises in some element of the historic car world, this is the category for you!

The Vantage Award

Vantage is a quarterly magazine devoted exclusively to the Aston Martin marque: the road cars, the race cars, the personalities, the engineers and stylists, and the craftsmen and women who have helped shape the company's unique heritage. Covering all Aston Martins, from the pre-war sports and racing cars, to the David Brown era classics, right through to the current Gaydon-built generation of world-class sports cars and GTs.

Now in it's second year, the Vantage Award will celebrate an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to the world of Aston Martin. We are looking for someone that not only champions the brand, but lives and breathes it and has made waves in making it what it is today. This could be someone new to Aston Martin, or someone that has been working with the brand for years, but we want to hear from you the readers as to who this should be.